In the summer of 2017, I started on a journey to shed the weight that I had put on over the last several years. With incredible help and coaching from Medi-Weightloss, I have reached my goal and have lost 96 pounds!

My Journey

In the summer of 2016 I was on the job market after four long years of unemployment. I’d packed on the pounds for all the usual reasons, and my self-confidence was at an all-time low. Finding interview clothing in my size was depressing and demoralizing.

Job hunting after an extended unemployment is difficult enough, and it was made even harder by feeling very self-conscious about my weight. In my professional life, I’ve always performed at a high level, and have a reputation as smart, energetic, and fun – a dynamo.

Finding a job didn’t stop the weight gain. In the summer of 2017, I reached my highest weight of 230 pounds. As my fiftieth birthday approached, I knew something had to change.

In desperation, I went to see my doctor for help. When she gave me a referral to Medi-Weightloss, I drove straight over – without making an appointment – and asked if someone could see me right away.

Kathy introduced me to Medi’s system and philosophy, and shared her own story as well. I knew that this program would work for me and told her, “I want to do this, and I need to start today. I desperately need to start today.” And yes, I was crying.

In the ten months I was in the acute weight loss phase of the diet, I lost a whopping 96 pounds, and on April 17, 2018 I reached my goal of 134!

The secret to my success: I have been 100% committed to the diet. I won’t sugar coat it – it has been hard work: because this diet relies on real food, a lot goes into the planning, preparing and packing of meals. This is one of the most vital benefits of the Medi-Weightloss program: the real food component that taught me how to prepare food properly, what to eat, and how much. I now never leave home without my insulated lunch bag stocked with at least two meals.

So… How has Medi-Weightloss changed my life?

The day I walked into the Medi-Weightloss office, I made a decision to reclaim my life.

To begin with, I’m proud of having made a commitment, and stuck to it so unwaveringly. It’s helped me emerge from a long period of diminished self-confidence. About half-way through my weight loss journey, I tried on some old clothes that I’d stored in the attic, and marveled at the woman I saw in the mirror. At that point, I’d only lost about 40 pounds, but I began to get my figure back, and gazing at my reflection started to become a study of the positive changes, instead of a constant disappointment. Flying for the first time after being on the program, I realized that I could fit in an airline seat comfortably. I no longer had the seat belt opened to its longest length, but instead had at least eight inches of extra belt.

As the weight came off, I started wearing makeup again. Then I started styling my hair instead of the daily bun or ponytail. Then came the point that I could wear high heels all day without my feet or back aching. It was like going backwards in time, week by week!

Climbing the stairs is easy once more, and my flexibility has returned. I’m renovating my kitchen, and climbing up and down ladders is easy! My blood pressure is down, my skin is clearer, my sleep apnea is dramatically reduced, and my digestion has improved. When I checked in with my doctor a few weeks ago, her eyes got wide. “Do you know how many years you’ve added to your life?” she asked.

I am on the job market again, and unlike in 2016, I feel incredibly optimistic. I have my mojo back. You know the feeling you get when you’re wearing clothing that fits perfectly and looks incredible? Looking good feels good. Feeling good is essential not only to a successful job hunt, but to an overall positive outlook on life.

I looked in the mirror the other day and thought, “Hey, I remember her. She’s a dynamo. I’m so glad she’s back!”

So what is Medi-Weightloss?

Medi-Weightloss is a medically-supervised weight loss program. At a very high level, it includes the following:

  • very low-carbohydrate, low-calorie diet consisting mostly of real food that you prepare, not packaged food
  • Weekly visits to a Medi-Weightloss clinic, which include:
    • Getting weighed and measured
    • One-on-one time with a program counselor/registered nurse
    • Lots of advice, support and ideas
  • Online resources, recipes and more on the Medi-Weightloss website
  • Vitamin B injections (optional, additional cost & office visit involved)
  • Prescription appetite suppressants (if appropriate)

I absolutely love the staff at Medi-Weightloss Los Gatos. I don’t get anything for referring you, but if you tell them Judie sent you, I think you’ll get a $25 credit off your first purchase.

Q & A

Is the diet hard?

Of course it’s hard. The first week was incredibly hard. The following few weeks were challenging, and then it became much easier. The appetite suppressants worked amazingly well for me, so my challenge wasn’t hunger, but instead the time it takes to plan, shop, and prepare food.

Do I have to give up carbs? I love bread, I love pasta, I love rice…

Do you love being overweight? Do you love the long-term serious health risks associated with obesity and high blood pressure? Do you want to live a long, healthy life, or die prematurely from a heart attack or diabetes? You need to choose. Do you choose carbs, or do you choose health? It’s that simple. Yes, you will need to give up carbs during the acute weight loss phase (from the day you start until the day you reach your target weight). After you reach your goal weight, it will be possible to reintroduce some carbs back into your diet, but I advise you to be very careful and cautious about that.

Are there “cheat days”?

You’re an adult and you get to decide how seriously you take the program. If you cheat, you will lose weight slower, and possibly lose your motivation. There are psychological reasons why cheating on your diet will sabotage your long-term success. In addition, cheating on your diet means that you don’t stay in the hyper-fat burning state called ketosis for long durations. Staying in ketosis as much as possible will cause you to lose weight even faster. My advice: don’t cheat.

I travel/eat out a lot.

It simply requires a bit of advance planning, but you can do this diet anywhere. What it will require is for you treat your weight-loss journey as a life-saving medical program, and to not make excuses or cave in to social or situational pressure. If your life absolutely depended on your following the program, you would do it? Well, guess what? Your life does depend on it.

But it’s the holidays…

Are you willing to give up six-plus weeks of weight loss for a couple meals and a party? I lost and average of two pounds a week on the Medi-Weightloss program. I stayed on-plan for the entire ten months, which spanned many holidays and my 50th birthday vacation. I simply made no excuses and made my long-term health my biggest priority.

But my spouse and kids want carbs in the house…

My hope for you is that you can passionately and sincerely convey to your family members how crucially important this is to you, and that their unwavering support is needed. If you had cancer, and the only way to cure it was to rid the house of all carbs, would they do that? Obesity and the related diseases are serious medical conditions, and must be treated with the same amount of serious commitment, from you and from your family. And if they can’t give this support, then I’d ask you whether they truly deserve to be in your life. Just sayin’.

More questions?

Please feel free to post your questions below or contact me.

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