Processing a Reservation Request

  • Respond promptly! Hosts with faster response times tend to get higher ratings and are ultimately more successful.
  • Review the Guest’s Profile. How complete is their profile? If important elements are missing, ask them to complete those steps.
    1. Verified ID
    2. Email Address Verified
    3. Phone Number Verified
    4. Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Google
    5. Profile Photo
    6. Profile Bio
    7. Reviews (are they good reviews?)
    8. Are they new to Airbnb? If they are, it often explains why their profile may be incomplete. They just don’t know (yet) how important a complete profile is. You can teach them. 🙂

See the Correspondence Tips & Canned Text for helpful pre-written responses to guests who have incomplete profiles.

  • Read the introductory email they sent with their request. If they didn’t write one, you’ll want to ask them some questions (See the Correspondence Tips & Canned Text for sample text).
  • Inquiry or Reservation Request? Depending on which type it is, you have different options for responding. See Reservation Requests vs Inquiries for help understanding the difference.