Airbnb New Host Mentoring

Become a Host on Airbnb

Getting Started

  1. Create a new Airbnb account and get a $20 credit off your first Airbnb stay!
  2. Create a new Airbnb listing and earn a $200 bonus* after hosting a qualifying trip!
    *Qualifying details here.
  3. Access the Resources for New Hosts (password required)

Free Mentoring from a Superhost, Community Leader and Host Ambassador!

Learn the tips and tricks for successful hosting on Airbnb. How to create your listing, what to provide guests, tips to ensure a smooth startup and many happy guests (and hosts!)

If you’ve never heard of Airbnb, it’s a website that helps you rent out your spare bedroom, guest home, or even your couch, to guests who pay you to stay. The website helps you manage ID verification of your guests, handles all the financial transactions, and has a 2-way feedback system that ensures both guests and hosts are good members of the home sharing community.

Receive free 1-on-1 assistance with creating your first Airbnb listing!

  • In-home consultation
  • Photos of your listing
  • Help writing your listing details and house rules
  • On-call help with managing inquiries and reservation requests during your first two weeks.
  • Exclusive access to tutorials, tips and documentation written specifically for the hosts I  mentor.

To qualify is simple:

  1. You have never hosted on Airbnb
  2. You have never created a listing on Airbnb, and
  3. You create your first Airbnb listing using a special link that you will be provided .