Templates for House Rules and Signs

Printed House Rules, House Manual,  Visitor Info, and Signs

You can download these MS Word files and edit them to suit your own listing. Warning: These files use advanced formatting features and may make you insane. If you’d like me to create these for you, I can customize them for your listing, and add some graphical treatments. This is available for $50/hour (2 hour minimum).

Read This First

Welcome Binder


  • Emergency Card
    • Contains more info than Airbnb’s emergency card
  • Check-Out Instructions
    • Versions for both a Private Room and a Whole House
  • Signs (1/2 page size) which includes:
    • Kitchen Use (for Private Room listing)
    • How to turn on the shower
    • No Smoking/No Pets
    • Clean Dishes Only Please
    • Close Door When Cooking
    • Recycling Instructions
    • Old Plumbing bathroom warning
    • Plumbing & Garbage Disposal
    • Laundry
    • Recycling Reminder
  • Signs (1/4 page size) which includes:
    • Fancy Pillows
    • Conserve Water (bathroom version)
    • Conserve Water (kitchen version)
    • Hot Water warning
    • Old Plumbing bathroom warning
    • WiFi Info
    • Bathroom Reminder
  • Door Code (1/4 page size)
    • If you have a code-access lock, this is a handy printable on which you can write your guest’s access code.