Sample House Rules

House Rules to include on the Listing

These are sample items you can copy and paste into your House Rules on your listing. Please edit carefully, as this is a combined list from multiple listings and some of the items below are in direct contradiction with each other. Make sure that the house rules on the website and the printed house rules in your listing are in sync with each other.

If you have suggestions to this list, please email me so I can share with other new hosts.


* Absolutely No Smokers. If you are a smoker, please find different accommodations immediately. No smoking on the property.
* We can not accommodate smokers or any one who spends time with someone who smokes. No exceptions.
* Please respect that my home is a “tobacco free” home. Absolutely no smokers even if you smoke elsewhere. No casual smokers. No guests in the ‘process’ of quitting smoking. Thank you in advance for respecting and honoring my request.
* Visitors allowed only with permission. We are renting space in our home with you, our registered guest, whom we have checked out via your verifications and reviews. If you made a reservation for more than yourself, you have told us who that is, and we have agreed. If you want to have visitors, please discuss it with us first.
* Quiet after 10pm (or after hostess has retired for the evening), especially since it is a smaller house with wood floors, and sounds do carry. This includes TV, music, phone call volume, etc. You don’t have to turn it off, just keep the volume low.
* Quiet outside after 9pm.
* Use coasters under drinks on all wood furniture.
* Shoes are fine in the house, but not on the furniture or bed linens.
* Shoes are optional in the house, but not on the furniture or bed linens.
* Please remove your shoes when you enter the house and place them on the shoe shelf conveniently located at the front door.
* Check-in is available between 4:00pm and 9:30pm, unless alternate check-in time is agreed upon prior to booking. Please choose a 60-minute window in which you will arrive (for example, between 6:00pm-7:00PM).
* Checkout is 11:00 AM unless prior arrangements have been made.
* My neighbor’s kitchen windows face your bedroom. Please close the curtains when appropriate. They don’t really want a free show.

* No pets.
* I am willing to consider pets on a case-by-case basis (pets must be specifically approved prior to booking).

* Full kitchen privileges
* Kitchen use is limited to preparing breakfast (coffee/tea, toast, fruit, instant oatmeal), simple food prep (sandwiches, etc.) and use of the microwave and toaster oven.
* Use of the stove, oven, pots, pans, etc is not included.
* Please do not eat in the carpeted areas of the house (bedrooms, living room, etc.). Please eat at the table/counter, or on the patio.
* NO FOOD/eating in the bedrooms

* Common areas you may access include your bedroom, the bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and back yard.
* Off limits are the Hostess’ bedroom, office, basement and garage.

* Please conserve water. We’re having a severe drought.
* Turn off water when brushing teeth, shaving, or washing dishes.
* Short showers (under 10 minutes if possible).
* Open window when showering.
* Turn on exhaust fan in bathroom when showering.
* Put the toilet lid down.
* Do not flush tampons (sorry, but the alternative is much worse).
* Please hang your wet towels. Do not leave damp towels on the furniture or the floor.

* Do not let the cats out at night.
* Do not feed the cats “people food”.
* Do not let the pets outside EVER.
* Do not feed the pets “people food”. Both have strict diets for medical reasons.

* Do not sit on the cover.
* Absolutely no drinks/beverages on, in or near the hot tub.
* Please use beach towels (not bath towels).

Airbnb provides a great service, as well as protections to both the host and guest. They deserve to be compensated accordingly. As such, all reservations, payments and pre-booking communication must be done through this website. If you want to transact outside of Airbnb, this is not the listing you are looking for.