Pre-Written Email Responses

Cut-and-Paste Pre-Written Email Responses

Tips for Emailing Your Guests

  • Keep as much communication as possible in writing on the Airbnb website.
  • Do not email prospective guests your phone number or email address, they will get this once they complete the reservation, and Airbnb will strip this info out of the email anyway.
  • Do not let prospective guests come preview the property before booking. Most requests of this nature are scammers. Occasionally there is a legit reason, but it’s uncommon.
  • Do not let someone book for someone else (a friend, co-worker, etc.). This is prohibited by Airbnb. There are occasionally reasons to overlook this rule – the most common being when a foreign national living here is booking the place for their parents who aren’t internet users, or can’t access Airbnb.
  • Don’t feel obligated to negotiate on your price. Your price is fair. The market is busy and it is very likely you will book at full-price.
  • Do not accept cash for your listing. All payments must go through the website. If you transact off-site, you are no longer covered by Airbnb’s insurance.

The guest’s profile is missing information:

(remove items they’ve already completed)

Hello, and thank you for your inquiry!

It appears you may be new to Airbnb. As hosts, we rely heavily on your Guest Profile so we can learn more about you, and also know that you have been verified by Airbnb. Please click on over to your Profile and complete these unfinished items. This is important for the host and guest alike, as each of these helps build trust and safety.

-Complete ID verification

-Upload a profile photo

-Write a brief (or not brief – your choice) bio about yourself. Let your hosts know something about you.

-Complete telephone verification. This is super important if your host needs to phone you.

-Complete email verification. This is super important if your host needs to email you.

-Link to your F4ceb00k, G-Plus and L!nked!n accounts, if you have them. This ‘social verification’ isn’t required, but it is a good idea.

Once you’ve completed those steps, please send me a quick note and I’ll get back to you right away!

You want to know more about the guest

Please tell me more about yourself, and what brings you to San Jose?

Please tell me more about yourself and your travel companion (including name, please) and what brings you to San Jose?

Please tell me more about yourself and your family (for children, please provide name, gender, and age). Also, what brings you to San Jose?

They want to book for someone else (3rd Party):

You probably didn’t know this, but it is against Airbnb policy to book on behalf of a co-worker, friend or family member. There’s actually a really good reason for this – it’s to ensure that the people staying are fully informed of the details of the house, have agreed to the house rules, and are in direct communication with the host. I recommend that you ask them to create an Airbnb account, complete all the verification steps, and submit the reservation request from their account. Plus, both you and they will get a $20 credit – details are here:
I hope you understand. 🙂

They want a discount :

My listing is fairly priced at $XXX/night and is less than the Airbnb suggested price for my home, so many guests feel it’s a great deal. So unfortunately, that’s the best price I can offer you. The market here is quite busy, and most listings are staying fully-booked at their full market value.

For pre-approvals (to nudge them to book)

(add at bottom of msg and include the dashed line)

Airbnb Tip: Your reservation has been pre-approved, but is not final until you complete the booking process. Until then, it is available for anyone to reserve, so finalize your reservation soon!

Scheduling Check-In Time

Also, what time do you plan to arrive on Sunday? Check in is available anytime after 4 PM, and preferably before 10 PM. I do ask that you specify a 30 minute window in which you will arrive so that I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs all evening and not able to go out or run errands.

Please let me know what time you will be checking in tomorrow. Check in is available after 4 PM. Please choose a 30-minute window in which you will arrive (for example, between 6:00pm-6:30PM).

I turn into a pumpkin around 10-10:30pm, so please arrive before then. I check guests in personally on their first visit to my home. 🙂

To help manage my busy schedule, I ask that my guests pick a 30-minute “check-in appointment” time. This helps me schedule my commitments for both before and after your check-in time. So, with that in mind, should I put you down for check-in from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM? Feel free to pick any 30-minute window after 4pm – I can work around whatever you pick. 🙂

One thing I do ask, is that for your arrival date we set up a 30 minute check in ‘appointment’. One common misconception about Airbnb hosts is that since this is our home, we are here all the time and guests can just show up whenever. But that actually isn’t the case, I have a life, and places to go and people to meet, so when we simply make an appointment with each other when to check in, it just makes life easier. 🙂  So… Please let me know what time to expect you on your check-in day. Check in is available after 4 PM.

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