References from Other Airbnb Users

References from Other Airbnb Users

Reviews are a vitally important part of a user’s profile on Airbnb, but what do you do when you’re new to Airbnb and don’t have reviews yet? First, you should make sure you have a complete and robust user profile. Then you can ask for a Reference from an existing/established Airbnb user. In today’s post, I’ll show you the start-to-finish process of getting a reference.

What is the difference between Reviews and References?

Reviews are basically feedback – they are written after a guest has stayed with a host. The host writes a review for the guest, and the guest writes a review for the host. Of course, a brand new Airbnb user won’t have any reviews yet.

sample feedback from guestsample feedback from host

References are endorsements from other Airbnb users, without a reservation/stay taking place.

completed reference narrow

It’s a three-step process to get a Reference:

  1. You send a reference request to a friend who is an existing Airbnb user.
  2. Your friend completes the reference request.
  3. You approve the reference from your friend, after which it is displayed on your user profile.

Step 1: Send a Reference Request To a Friend

  1. In the main/top menu, click on your name, then Edit Profile. Once on the Edit Profile page, click on References in the left column.
    01 Menu
    There are a number of ways to request a reference, but I’ll be showing you my two preferred methods. Option A – Email your friends, and Option B – Request from Facebook Friends.02 Reference Request Options
  2. Option A – Email your friends. 
  3. Option B – Request from Facebook Friends.
    • This requires that you have already linked your Airbnb and Facebook accounts.
    • Click  the Request button under your friend’s photo.send request to fb friend
    • Your friend will be sent a reference request email.

Step 2: Your friend writes you a reference

  1. Your friend will receive an email from Airbnb, as well as notification:dashboard reference request
  2. Your friend will also see the request on the References By You tab of Edit Profile | Referencesreference request
  3. Your friend will then be able to write up your reference and submit it to you for approval.write reference page

Step 3: You approve the reference from your friend

  1. You’ll receive an email from Airbnb when your friend has written the reference.Reference ready email
  2. You’ll also be notified on your Host Dashboard / Notificationsreference ready notification
  3. Your will also see the request on the References About You tab of Edit Profile | Referencesaccept reference
  4. Once you click Accept, the reference will now appear on your user profile page.completed reference



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  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to leave a reference for a friend, but when I click on the link, I’m just taken to their profile with no option of anywhere to write the reference. I’ve found a number of other users mentioning the same problem on various help pages, but no-one has ever left an answer… Any ideas? Thanks 🙂


  2. Option A – email contacts to request a reference doesn’t appear on my computer, it only gives me the option to link to facebook which I don’t want to do!!

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