Creating “Seasons” on your Calendar

Creating “Seasons” on your Calendar

This is where you can set pricing and a minimum stay for specific dates. This is a great option for holidays and special events (Superbowl, etc.).  While Airbnb doesn’t actually call this feature “seasons”, it is the best way to describe the functionality. In this post, I’ll teach you how to create a custom season, and also let you know about this feature’s limitations.

  • Go to the Airbnb website (desktop version, not mobile), and go to the Manage Listing and Calendar page for your listing.
  • While viewing your Calendar, click on Availability Settings in the top gray bar.

01-Availability Settings

  • At the bottom of Availability Settings, click the option Add a requirement for seasons or weekends.

02 - Add a requirement

  • Open the During drop-down menu and choose Specific Dates

03 - Specific Dates

  • Choose the specific dates and minimum stay for your “season”. Click Save when you’re done.

04 - Dates and Minimum Stay

  • Your Availability Settings will now show your custom “season”. If you’d like to create another custom season, click on Add another requirement.

05 - Completed Custom Season

  • This feature has some limitations – the largest of which is that you cannot set a custom cancellation policy for a season. Also, specific prices for the season are managed on your calendar, not within this feature.

3 thoughts on “Creating “Seasons” on your Calendar

  1. I would like to set a two day minimum stay at a specific price., that is any two day stay, anytime, not just the weekend. Now I have weekend price $85 and would to set that price for any two day stay. My week prices are low because I want to attract Longer staying guests. My week price is $55 a night.
    I thought if I put $85 a night on my calendar and then set special week discount it would interfere with a guest search for a lower price.
    I would love some help with this.

    1. Hi Barbara – If you want to attract longer-staying guests and offer them $55/night, this can be achieved without using the ‘seasons’ feature.

      • Set your standard rate at $85/night
      • Turn off ‘Weekend Pricing’
      • Set your overall minimum stay to 2 nights
      • Set your weekly price at $55 (or a 35% discount, depending on which version of Pricing is enabled on your account)

      This will achieve the following:

      • When prospective guests search for a stay that is a week or longer, the price that will be displayed to them will be your discounted rate of $55.
      • Guests who search for a stay of fewer than 7 days will see the $85 rate, regardless of whether it’s a weekday or weekend.
      • And if someone searches without specifying dates, they will also see the $85 rate.

      It’s easy to test it out – make the changes suggested above, and then do a search as if you were a guest. If you search for a 2-to-6 night stay, you’ll see the $85 rate, and if you search for a week or longer stay, you’ll see the $55 rate.

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