Building Trust Through Your User Profile

Building Trust Through Your User Profile

If you’re a new Airbnb Host, you’re probably wondering how you’ll  be able to screen prospective guests. And if you’re a new Airbnb Guest, you may have concerns about whether you’ll have a good experience with a host (and with the accommodations). For both Hosts and Guests, having a complete and robust user profile is essential to ensuring a positive experience. In this post, you’ll learn about all the elements of the Airbnb user profile, and the relative importance of each one.

If You’re A Host… Think about your profile from a guest’s point of view. Do you sound welcoming and hospitable? Does your profile allay any apprehension a first-time guest might have about staying in a stranger’s home? A complete Host profile will result in more booking requests for your listing.

If You’re A Guest… Think about your profile from a host’s point of view. Do you sound honest and trustworthy? Do you come across as someone a host would want to welcome into their home? A complete Guest profile will mean that your reservation requests will be accepted more often.

So what is a complete and robust user profile?Judie's Profile

  1. Your Photo
    Use a photo that shows your smiling face.If you host or travel primarily as a couple, a photo of the two of you together is a good idea. You can have multiple photos on your profile, so make sure that the primary photo is the best one. For hosts, it’s also a good idea to include your pets in your profile photo (if you’re a guest who frequently travels with your pet, this applies to you too). Avoid photos that look like mug shots (seriously).
  2. Your Name
    Use your real name. Not your initials, or a nick name, or a business name. Remember, we’re establishing trust…
  3. Where You’re From
    This helps a host get an idea of how far a guest is traveling, and also provides a foundation for great conversations about the person’s home town or country.
  4. Your Bio
    Tell a bit about yourself. Why you love to host (or travel). What your passions are. Mention your spouse, partner, children, and pets.
  5. Email Address Verification
    This tells me that you’ve set up your account with a valid email address and that you should be receiving my messages.
  6. Phone Number Verification
    This tells me that I have a working phone number at which to reach you. This is quite important for guests and hosts alike.
  7. Social Network Verification
    Connecting your Airbnb account to Facebook and LinkedIn doesn’t give anyone access to your friends list or connections, it simply shows that you have a social media presence. It also helps Airbnb’s system to further confirm your real identity.
  8. Reviews
    The meat & potatoes of your  user profile. When you’re a brand-new user on Airbnb and don’t yet have reviews, I’m going to rely on the other elements of your profile.
  9. Verified ID
    This means that you’ve either submitted a photo ID to Airbnb, or you’ve done the online ID verification process. Either way, it means that Airbnb knows who you are. This means that the Airbnb user is who they say they are, which is a crucial element of building trust.Personally, I require all my guests to have a Verified ID.
  10. About Me
    Interesting facts about you. This information isn’t essential, but it further lays the foundation of trust and transparency.
  11. References
    This is a great feature for brand new Airbnb users who have never completed a stay and don’t have reviews yet. This allows an existing Airbnb user to write you a recommendation. I highly recommend this for brand new Airbnb users. Here’s my tutorial about how to request a reference.

Edit Your Profile

On the Airbnb website, click on your name in the upper right corner, then choose Edit Profile. Then edit in these five sections:Edit profile

  • Edit Profile
  • Photos, Symbol, and Video
  • Trust and Verification
  • Reviews
  • References